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The Mission. The Story…food, pizza recipe, restaurants, drinks, discount card

Halal Flavours began as a mere concept when I recently began studying for my degree. I realised that balancing the financial commitments of university alongside having actual sustenance was proving to be more difficult than anticipated.


Like most university students, I spent a lot of time eating at a variety of places which although great, the impact on my savings was not! So I started looking at ways where I could still enjoy my dining experiences while minimising the expenses incurred.

Fuelled by the certainty that I was not alone in this food predicament, I set about looking for a solution that would accommodate the needs of those across the UK who eat halal food.


You see, nationally, there are few discounts available, and if there are, they are not clearly advertised to see in one, organised place. Thus, Halal Flavours was born! Inspired by the struggles of university life and the craving for great, halal food, we hope that we can help you* save for those new shoes or that holiday – whilst enjoying incredible cuisines along the way. We have collated a selection of the finest establishments- halal, vegan and more- all on one handy card!!


*We strongly believe that everyone deserves to enjoy discounted, delicious food – so although the foundations of Halal Flavours came from the will to help university students, our club welcomes everyone and is inclusive of all ages- regardless of student status!


Founder & CEO, Halal Flavours